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Council's draft proposals include moving Chorley into Alderley Edge ward

Cheshire East Council has compiled its draft proposals for a new pattern of wards which is being developed for Cheshire East Council.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England., the independent body that draws the ward boundaries, is conducting a consultation on the second stage of the electoral review.

The Council's proposals for future warding arrangements were considered by the Electoral Review Sub-Committee on Wednesday, 31st January, and agreed the following proposals for our local areas:

Alderley Edge

Add the parish of Chorley (forecast to have 380 electors by 2030), giving the ward an electors per seat ratio very close to the Borough average (without Chorley, the ratio's variance would be 10% below average).

Rationale for the proposed boundary

The proposal would also reflect interests and identities of local communities, as Chorley does not identify with or have significant ties to Wilmslow (with part of which it is currently warded).

Chorley is geographically very close to Alderley Edge (the two were previously warded together) and is well connected to it by road, making its larger neighbour an important centre for many key services and amenities (Alderley Edge has a supermarket, GP practice, pharmacy, library and a large number of retail outlets).

The proposal also promotes effective and convenient government by enabling the elected Member to work with two geographically close and linked communities, rather than a more dispersed and less cohesive group of settlements.

The ward would be called Alderley Edge as it is well-established and reflects community identity, as Alderley Edge is the main settlement within the area.

People can give their views via the Local Government Boundary Commission's website at:

People can also give their views by email at, and by post to:

Review Officer (Cheshire East)


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