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This is a message sent via Cheshire Police Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Cheshire Constabulary

Message sent byChris Hopkins (Police, PCSO, Macclesfield LPU Wilmslow PCSO)

We've had a spate of burglaries and theft from motor vehicle offences in south Wilmslow over the past few weeks. The theft from motor vehicle offences have mainly occurred in the busy public car parks around Racecourse Road and in the Styal area. Please be mindful about leaving any valuables in your cars on display such as handbags, wallets, sat navs and dash cams.

The burglaries have occurred around the Gravel Lane and the Chapel Lane area and also the Pownall area of Wilmslow. A large proportion of these burglaries have involved vehicles being stolen from the addresses along with the keys. Most have also occurred between 8pm and 3am.

Further information on how you can best secure your home can be found on our website here:


Chris Hopkins


Cllr Margaret Rainey attended the Community Relations meeting yesterday (19th September) hosted by Manchester Airport.  For those of you who are new to the subject this is a twice yearly meeting hosted by Manchester Airport and is well attended by members of local Town and Parish Councillors.  The subjects covered in this meeting were that of Air Quality and the work and monitoring which is being done by the Airport to ensure that emissions are kept to a minimum.  A ‘Flyer’ explaining the many actions they are taking is pinned to our Noticeboard and everything mentioned in the message can be viewed on their Website. Address:  An example of their work is that 83% of their aircraft stands now have electric power so that aircraft engines can be turned off.  Equipment is installed at strategic places within the Airport to measure emissions and is monitored closely.

Surface access was also covered along with Planning Matters which combined gave an overview of the works being carried out in and around the Airport.  Clearly we are being affected by the closure of the tunnels along Altrincham Road (which it was explained had been delayed due to complications in the lighting technology).  Also the works being carried out to establish improved access and road infrastructure alongside such a huge development.

An item we residents of Chorley may wish to seek further information on is the Airports intention to increase the usage of Runway 2.  Keeping within the approved Planning conditions for the establishment of Runway 2 they are now consulting with the local communities re their plans to increase usage of both runways at peak times and increase the running of flights on both runways by 30 minutes either end of the day.  Certain times will be assigned to single runway usage only.  To find out more about this and how this may affect you then the Community Outreach Team are running communication sessions throughout October and November.  The dates/times/locations are posted on our Noticeboard and can also be found on their Website. 

Lots of work is being done to engage local Schools in a variety of activities such as reading and the Apprentice Enterprise competition is opening soon for Schools to participate.  I gather a School in Wilmslow (Lacey Green) won last years contest so the challenge is on!

The next Liaison meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 6th March. 2018.  If anyone has any thoughts/feedback/questions or topics they would like information on then please do no hesitate to contact our Clerk who will consolidate them and whichever Parish Councillor attends the next meeting they will represent your items.

Margaret Rainey 20/09/2017


Chairman's Report 2016/17

And then there were 3.

 Since the resignation of Charlotte last September we have been reduced to 3 members from a possible 7, this despite advertising on the Noticeboard for new members and having an article in the Wilmslow Guardian. This is both frustrating and disappointing at the general apathy from local residents, who seem to show no interest in a local council.

 My Thanks.

 I would like to thank Catherine once again for her valuable contribution as clerk and for the effort she puts into her role. Unfortunately we may soon be losing Catherine due to a move away from the area.

I just hope we will be able to replace her with someone as dedicated and efficient.

 Before she resigned Charlotte ran the Facebook page for which we were gradually increasing the numbers viewing and also submitted our bid for funding from ChALC for setting up a website as required for transparency.

 Margaret has continued to attend the Manchester Airport and Lindow Trust meetings providing very comprehensive reports after each meeting. Taking the lead on planning matters with both me and Kim contributing Margaret has responded to CEC on all relevant planning applications.

Margaret in her role as Vice Chairman has liaised with Ashley Comiskey Dawson on producing our Website which is now up and running.

 Kim despite her disappointment at the lack of interest shown by local residents in producing a Neighbourhood Plan,( now put on the backburner) has made a valuable contribution to meetings and comments on planning matters, especially in our defence of a possible intrusion into the Common Land by a developer. Kim is also in the process of trying to get closer cooperation with the Village Hall committee.

 I have continued to attend the Town and Parish Conferences; Macclesfield Area ChALC meetings, their AGM, and meetings with the Police and Crime Commissioner, although there have been very few meetings over the last 12 months. Having said that I now see the PCC is holding a meeting in June and ChALC are at last to go ahead with the first of their meetings to replace area meetings, again in June. This will now be known as the Parish Forum. I have also had meetings with Cressys about their concerns regarding Road Safety. As a result of these meetings the Chorley Sign has been moved back to aid visibility. I am still waiting for Gary to meet with them to discuss their issues.

 Gary Barton and Ellie Brookes have both continued as our Ward Councillors, taking up issues with CEC on our behalf.

 Once again I have to report that we have still not met our PCSO Chris Hopkins, although he has been in touch by E-Mail.

 We still have our long standing issues with Street Lighting; Speed Limits and Planning Enforcement. These are now to be consolidated onto a spreadsheet to better control of progress.

 This has been my sixth year as Chairman, making a total of 12 years that I have been in the chair.

Will I be voted out this time!

Barry Durbar                02/06/17


A538 Junction Improvement Works


This junction improvement work will provide additional capacity on the A538 and improve access to Sunbank Lane. 


Unfortunately, there will be some traffic disruption along the stretch of road adjacent the Amazon and DHL warehouses until Spring 2018. On completion, the road will be widened to a dual-carriageway and the existing Sunbank Lane junction upgraded to signal control to access the Runway Visitor Park/Romper Pub and the World Logistics Hub.


For more information and updates on the work, as the scheme progresses please see:


Chorley Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

 In March 2016 Chorley Parish Council delivered a questionnaire to all residents within Chorley to seek their views on what local issues were most important to them, and whether they may be interested in meeting to discuss whether we should proceed with developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

 Of the 185 letters distributed we had 21 responses representing 11.35% of the total recipients.  Of those who responded, one objected and 20 supported the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan.  From the positive responses 11 people have offered to join a committee.

 The primary issue which emerged related to speeding traffic on Knutsford Road, a matter which remains on the Parish Council Agenda permanently.

 Those 11 people met to discuss the possibilities and were asked to think about whether they may wish to participate further.  Almost everyone opted out.  The Parish Council discussed the outcomes of this exercise, and decided not to pursue the idea at the time, but to review it again within the next two years.  


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